A New Week Begins 2017

Yo, first up I love these snapchat filters. For reals. I have an addiction I’m sure!

Monday the 9th of Jan marks my first proper day back at work. The previous week I had a two-day residential course in Glasgow for an Advanced Data Analysis class that honestly I wanted to enjoy so much, but ultimately became quite bored of half way through. Its downfall was the lack of actually doing any math or science, instead we were talked at for two whole days. Even the most riveting subjects would fail to keep me engaged in those conditions. Glasgow however, was beautiful. Granted I only saw a very small portion but given that I was led to believe it was, for lack of a better word, *grim*, it truly was fantastically pretty.


Sunday night was spent cooking dinner – a delicious chicken, bacon and cheese bake with a dash of BBQ sauce and rocket leaves, preparing tomorrows lunch – a BL sandwich (sans the T), and watching as much of the last few episodes of Man In The High Castle as I can fit into the night (oh my gosh, how spectacular is this show?!).

However, now its back to the Observatory I go. Monday promises to be a quiet one as everyone in my office should be out at a conference, so I’m quite looking forward to the day to myself to get back into the routines again. And, almost shockingly, I am in fact the first person to arrive in the office, so early in fact that I even hear them test the fire alarm and I’ve only heard that once in the last 3 months.

The thing about having been so eager to get home for the holidays is that, stupidly, I never created a to do list for when I got back to work. In fact I distinctly remember thinking “I don’t need a list, its obvious what work i’ve got to continue with” -.-‘ Great job. Oh well, I guess determining which work I need to do is just an advanced form of  procrastination.

By the end of the day, I already can’t wait for the next holiday. Says a lot doesn’t it XD. But at least I got a couple of things checked off my new todo list and it was very nice to see everyone at the office again (mostly during their talk breaks, and lunch time always makes for amusing conversation).

Im also going to start setting myself weekly challenges. My attention span, or quite possibly just my will, rarely lasts longer than a week so theres no point doing those month long/30 day challenges at all. So each week I shall set myself some challenges for the week, and hopefullllllly they’ll be a success and a pathway to a slightly healthier year!

Weekly Challenge(s):

  • Eat a proper dinner every day
  • Drink 2 litres of water 5/7 days
  • Start a new bed time routine in which we go to bed before 1am and read a book for at least half hour before bed

Over and out. X.



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