Raven Song by I.A. Ashcroft – A Review

Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.


Rating:  ⭑⭑

Name: Raven Song

Series: Inoki’s Game (Book 1)

Author: I.A. Ashcroft

Paperback: 290 pages

Published Date: March 14, 2016

Publisher: Lucid Dreams Publishing

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1944674004

Raven Song is a great mix of fantasy and dystopian that always has me clambering to read. Set in the future when the world has been forced to rebuild after The Bombings, we follow Jackson, our main man, our smuggler, our touched by magic boy, as he rescues out-of-time Anna as they struggle to learn what they are, why they exist and how to stay free.

The characters in this book are on point to say the least. The two main characters are written beautifully, in particular I was so excited to read Anna’s chapters, to hear her voice as she comes to terms with events with a realistic balance between panic’d and level headed. And I have to say my favourite character was Agent Walker, it’s so refreshing to see a government agent with actual character.

The writing. Now I have to admit, the first two chapters I didn’t get on well with. I felt the author was trying to be overly descriptive and personally I didn’t feel like the words in these chapters flowed together. Honestly, I was in two minds as to whether to continue. However! Shit picked up real fast. And boy am I glad I continued to read. The info sheet for this book stated that it would be good for fans of Neil Gaiman, and as a huge fan of Gaiman’s writing style, I can certainly agree with this statement. Ashcroft knows just how much to give the reader, when to hold back and when to push forward. I ended up reading this book in just a few sittings because I just couldn’t put it down.

As book one of four, I will of course be looking to see what happens in the next instalment. There are (somewhat unfortunately) so many unanswered questions left in Raven Song that I really hope are addressed in the coming series.

Rating: 4/5


A century ago, the world burned. Even now, though rebuilt and defiant, civilisation is still choking on the ashes.

Jackson, a smuggler, lives in the shadows, once a boy with no memory, no name, and no future. Ravens followed him, long-extinct birds only he could see, and nightmares flew in their wake. Once, Jackson thought himself to be one of the lucky few touched by magic, a candidate for the Order of Mages. He is a man now, and that dream has died. But, the ravens still follow. The nightmares still whisper in his ear.

Anna’s life was under the sun, her future bright, her scientific work promising. She knew nothing of The Bombings, the poisoned world, or the occult. One day, she went to work, and the next, she awoke in a box over a hundred years in the future, screaming, fighting to breathe, and looking up into the eyes of a smuggler. Anna fears she’s gone crazy, unable to fill the massive hole in her memories, and terrified of the strange abilities she now possesses.

The Coalition government has turned its watchful eyes towards them. The secret factions of the city move to collect them first. And, old gods stir in the darkness, shifting their pawns on the playing field.

If Anna and Jackson wish to stay free, they must learn what they are and why they exist.

Unfortunately, even if they do, it may be too late.


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