The Week of Blue Monday ft. Chocolate, La La Land and the Weekly Challenge.

And so begins the second week of my return to university and work. On what I discovered was aptly named ‘Blue Monday’ i.e the most depressing Monday of the year, I have to agree with the maths here. For the week hasn’t been off to the best of starts.

But before I get into that last week was all fine. Lol I joke, it was a disaster too. Though that is mostly down to me succumbing to illness and therefore staying home to “work from home” i.e. sleeping and opening papers with the intention of reading them but ultimately not having the energy to properly focus on them.

I did however take a trip out to a lovely cafe to try and raise my spirits (and get out my little student room). Black Medicine Cafe. A wonderfully quaint little cafe that does a lovely hot chocolate – complete with whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate coating – yummm. And also boasts a little plaque out side that states “J.K Rowling wrote a few chapters of Harry Potter in this building” (though I have to wonder how many cafes now boast such plaques, its Edinburgh after all).

My weekly challenges for last week were:

  • Eat a proper dinner every day
  • Drink 2 litres of water 5/7 days
  • Start a new bed time routine in which we go to bed before 1am and read a book for at least half hour before bed

I am happy to say that I was successful on 2/3 of these challenges. It sounds like a stupid challenge to make sure I eat a dinner every day, but time and time again I loose track of time and before I know it its 11pm and honestly whats the point of eating then. I can’t say I was particularly adventurous with my cooking – mainly sticking to my new chicken bake recipe – but I did cook it myself, I did generally eat between the hours of 5pm and 7pm and it was delicious. Check!

I was also successful in starting a new bed time routine! Woohoo! Generally speaking, I would prepare for bed at about 9pm, then sit down to watch an episode of a TV show I had to catch up on (Man in the High Castle/Sherlock/Endeavour/Elementary..), read for half hour and then sleep. And sleep I did. Very well too, I didn’t even need to listen to music which is almost unheard of these days for me. Unfortunately this pattern didn’t hold up once i’d been captured by illness but I think I can be forgiven for that one.

Unfortunately I wasn’t  so successful with the water drinking aim. I did manage 4/7 days but alas. So I’ll make it one of this weeks challenge.

As I said, this week had not started well. Not only was I still ill but I was also coming back to terms with the fact that i’m not very happy in my current situation of PhD study. Something I wont really go into detail here, other than to say it put a huge dampener on my week – and it was only monday. To cheer myself up I did two things on Tuesday: Starbucks and Cinema.

I am not a great writer (as you can probably tell) but once I start it all just comes out, so I decided to take a trip to Starbucks, order a grande hot chocolate and just write in my diary (a lovely ‘leather’ diary cheap from Blackwells, i’m a little in love). Very therapeutic I have to say, something I needed to do, and am glad I did. Whether i’ll ever let someone read it a question for another day (short: no).


But ultimately responsible for my ‘dazed glow’ and happiness towards the end of Tuesday was my visit to see La La Land.

The jazzy, old-style musical featuring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Holy. Crap. Thoroughly deserves ALL the awards it has received. I cannot overstate how amazing this film is. The soundtrack for one is amazing – to be honest its a musical about a jazz musician, you cant go wrong with a bit of jazz!. And as a lindy hopper myself, I spent the whole musical itching to get up and dance. It really was fantastic, so of course the first thing I did when i got home was buy the soundtrack, duh. And of course now ALL I want to do with myself is learn as much dance as possible (why are tap lessons and Quickstep lessons so darn expensive).

Of course Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were perfection in their respective roles. It was so nice to be sat in the cinema screen and be surrounded by everyone laughing at the little gestures of Goslings character, and you could see everyone itching to applaud at the end of dance sequences. It truly was a magical film and now i’m just sad that it is a film and not reality.

As this post has gone on for much longer than I anticipated (told you, I just keep going) and I have now been in Starbucks for 3 hours now, I shall round up with my challenges for this week:

  • Walk a total of 44,000 steps this week (an average of ~6300 steps a day)
  • Write a page of flash fiction at some point this week
  • Continue with last weeks challenges, i.e. water, bed, dinner.
  • Get to 40% of American Gods (I want it finished by mid February the lastest)

Over and out. X



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