The Week of Self Care Part I – aka Retail Therapy & Looking Cute

The last few days have personally been, heck yeah, on point. Its like embracing that my life is going downhill (overdramatic much) has lifted something from my shoulders. Of course, I lie, a lot, but I’ve been treating myself over the last few days – maybe more than I should – so things aren’t as bad as they could’ve been.

Saturday I did a shopping trip and decided I’d actually make a dinner that didn’t contain chicken in it. For like the first time in way too long, seriously if theres a level of too much chicken I am way above it. But I found this Tasty recipe on Buzzfeed for ‘Baked Shrimp Linguine’ and decided to go for it. Fuck me it was delicious. Like, oh wow I can damn well cook delicious. Heres the link to the recipe (fyi their measurements are mostly wayy off, use your judgement or message me if you’re gonna try it out).

And then I settled in for a relaxing evening; fairy lights ✔, dominos pizza ✔, popcorn ✔, blankets ✔, newly purchased DVD of Fright Night (2011) loaded and ready to go ✔.  Because Colin Farrell as a vampire and David Tennant as vampire hunter is an amazing combination that I’m so very glad has been recorded in film history. Thank you Craig Gillespie.

Retail therapy is a delight. And works, I swear to god. As long as you don’t then go and look at your bank balance, ’cause no-one needs that drop. But Sunday night was all about the retail therapy. Purchased myself a cute ass sweater, this cute-ass scarf and some, you guessed it, cute-ass brogues. When i’m on a downward day – as I so often am at work – it isn’t often that I get home and still think ‘I look cute as heck today’, but today I did, because this was one rockin’ comfortably me outfit and damn it I did look good.


Last weeks weekly challenges we’re so not a success. Of the six I set, I managed one. It really wasn’t a great week, was it?. Honestly it would have been two too, but then I ordered that dominos on Saturday because hell I wanted take out for my movie night. Anyways, the one I did manage was to walk a total of 44,000 steps in the week, ironically the one task I didn’t think I was going to manage given that the previous week I had only walked 26,000 steps in all. But only did I totally own that 44,000, I actually walked 47,135 steps. BooYaah. So yeah I was pleased.

This weeks weekly challenges:

  • Walk 45,000 steps
  • Go socialising on two separate occasions
  • Drink 2l water 4/7 days
  • Write, goddammit



Part II coming up, because I felt it needed its own entry.


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