The Week of Self Care Part II – aka Music and Dancing

Music and dancing are something I love and adore and I honestly don’t know where I would be without them. Therefore it felt wrong just writing this in at the end of the last post I did. (So apologies for the extra notification.)


During the ‘week-that-was-by-most-accounts-absolutely-dreadful’ I happened to come across a band, that, well I’m gonna say I’m now head over heels for. Music means so much to me, everybody has their own meanings behind the ‘Music is life’ rhetoric. If i’m ever asked questions like “what did/do you do to help with depression?”/”… with the anxiety?”/”…when you cant sleep?”/” chill out?”/ect… my answer will always be ‘I listen to music’. Books and movies are great escape mechanisms, but even the best of them don’t come close to the effect a good melody or a well crafted lyric has. A lot of the time I just get scoffs, apparently its so predictable and simple an answer now. My favourite time of the day is when I can just sit back and listen to the music, to take it in and not do anything else. Point is, music means a heck of a lot to me. And I listen to a lot of it.

That being said, there are still few bands that make me feel what Sons of an Illustrious Father do. I can’t adequately put into words the emotions their songs evoke, its a sort of rawness, overwhelming and overtaking. Its something even my two favourite bands can’t even completely achieve. So when I first listened to Sons’ song ‘Solutions: Burn it‘, which led me to ‘The Opposite of Love‘ which led me to ‘Very Few Dancers‘ and ‘Armageddon, it was like I understood the universe.

Maybe that sounds like an exaggeration, and it was almost painful to write given how much of an overused cliche it is for falling in love. But honestly to god, thats how those songs sound to me. Like, yeah shits happening but this right here is why you’re gonna be okay.

(Its also kind of bittersweet when you discover a band that mean everything to you, and then having to come to terms with the fact that you probably won’t be able to see them play that music live anytime soon. I’ve been lucky enough to see one of my favourite bands perform live 6 times now, and that connection when you get to literally feel vibrations of live music, thats unbeatable. Unfortunately though, I think I used up all my American vacation-expenditure last year.)

For now though, I have Sons’ in my head, in my ears and in my life. And this is what I love about music, in just 5 minutes and 3 seconds a lot of things can change.


And then to dancing. After confirmation from my podiatrist that my foot injury could indeed take anywhere from a few months to a few years to heal (jesus christ please no), I decided that theres no way in hell I’m giving up dancing. So I have rejoined the universities Swing Dance society. I strapped up my foot, tight in its constrictive sock, stuck in my heel cushions, and got the hell over to the Venue for my return to dancing after about 6 months.

I thought i’d be worse. But I think my timing was better. For sure, my following skills weren’t the best ever, but that wont take long to get back into. Spending 6 months just watching youtube videos of Lindy Hop performances and listening to Big Band music has certainly kept the brain working.

Goddamn I’d forgotten how fucking good dancing is. Holy crap it was like heaven. I only did the class (intermediate), I wish I could have stayed for the social dance, but I know if I’m going to continue this I shouldn’t push my foot. But hot damn dancing lindy hop with other people is so relaxing and enjoyable and nothing matters for those 3/4 minutes. Its bliss.

Especially those leads that dance like they’re hugging you. Goddamn yes, I’m here for that. That connection in the dance is so special, moving as one, feeling the musicality. I have so missed this.


And that is why, for this week at least, I should be okay. I’ve got Sons of an Illustrious Father downloaded onto Spotify to keep me going through next seven days, and I know this time next week I’ll be riding that post-dance high again.

Over and out. Xx.


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