Crafty times – My foray into the world of Cross Stitch.

It seems that I have been bitten by a bit of a creative bug of late. Not only am I still going about knitting – currently I am working on a pair of fingerless gloves – but I have also taken a liking to a bit of cross stitch too. So a week or so ago I decided to purchase a cross stitch magazine to gain a bit more insight into the craft and to have a little stab at it and see whether it is something I wanted to do more of. Well I may have jumped a little bit ahead because despite not yet finishing any of the free kits that came with the magazine, I took a trip down to HobbyCraft and bought myself MORE KITS!


They also, weren’t as expensive as I thought either which was an extra bonus, all of it together came to roughly £15 and that includes; 1 kit w/ hoop, 2 mini kits, 1 small hoop, Aida 14 Count Fabric (30x46cm) and bit of black thread. I hope if I concentrate and practice enough on these projects I’ll soon be able to get to a level where I am making my own patterns and stitching projects of my own. Then the long term goal is to become comfortable with a needle and patient enough with the process that I can move onto doing a bit of embroidery too. In the mean time these three little project kits are, I think, going to keep me busy for a while! I look forward to doing to learning how to do the feathers because they look so darn pretty, and whilst there is no way at all that I will achieve the ‘Mum’ pattern by Mothers Day, I hope I will be able to surprise her with it very soon.


Comment below if you too cross-stitch and have any tips, or are a beginner like me and we can cheer each other on!..

Over and out. Xx.


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