Blog Post: A catch up and lack of motivation.

Well its been sometime since I wrote a blog post, but I think of them all the time. Lately, in practically all aspects of my life, I have been suffering from a severe case of ‘lack of motivation’.

Some great things have happened over the last few weeks. On the 19th June I saw Paramore at the Royal Albert Hall with my sister. It was a truly glorious night, its been so long since I was at a concert and to be experience it again so divine. Even more so as it was the seventh time I had seen Paramore in concert, nine years on from that first time in the ‘In New Music We Trust Stage’ at Maidstone’s Radio Ones Big Weekend, and ten years on from hearing MisBis for the very first time. Its been a journey, those ten years, and Paramores’ music has been there with me through every step. So no matter how much their sound changes – and fyi I love After Laughter – I will continue to support their music, just as it has supported me.

Then, on Saturday 24th June, I finally saw the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play at the Palace Theatre. Now, I was very hesitant to see this play, I read the script when it first came out and did not like it. I didn’t see how anyone could endorse this as canon, let alone JK, the weird-ass plot twists and the assassinations of these beloved characters was heart breaking. And yet two characters kept me reading page after page, Albus Severus and Scorpius. Those two characters were perfect for the Potter universe, which makes it all the more sad that the other characters were written so poorly. However, even reading the script I could tell the staging and the effects of the actual play, were going to be spectacular. And so, inevitably, I booked tickets. Now, the tickets I had actually booked were for April 2018, and those tickets are still booked, but a few weeks after booking them I got a heads up that some ‘cheapies’ were going for this summer. And lucky I did get. For a grand total of £30, i had tickets to both parts of the play, on the same day, BINGO!

My seats were upper balcony, with a restricted view, but all in all, for the price, the view was pretty good. I could see all the stage except the very front, but the actors were rarely there that it didn’t matter. Now I did absolutely love this play, and I will be keeping my other tickets, for two reasons; 1.Scorpius Malfoy is the greatest character ever and his actor was superbly brilliant, 2. THE MAGIC OMG THE MAGIC!!!! I’m half convinced magic actually exists now because hollllyyy craaaap those magical effects/stunts were so good! I won’t say much because ‘#KeepTheSecrets’ but really if you see this play for anything, see it for them, I still can’t work out how some of it was done.

Other good things that have happened include me keeping my fitness up. Between me getting a Fitbit, seeing Wonder Woman (lol), and generally wanting to get into shape I have been doing really well. Smashing my targets everyday and staying below my calorie mark. The only times I haven’t done so was during the SWELTERING heat wave we had and our gym doesn’t have a fan yet so there was no way I was doing that shit. And these past couple of days as i have been bed-ridden type ill.

Some not so good things happening in my life; i’m still unemployed. Still. And this lack of success in my job search is not doing well for my motivation, stress levels or ability to have a calm conversation with my Father about the future™. This, of course, also means my bank balance is depleting with some speed and so I can’t go visit friends much as no-one lives in the same town anymore. Also, I reealllly want to move out, to a city, so I can be happy and queer and out whilst living by myself, instead of stuck in this dreary, horrid, homophobic town. :/

But anyway. In London I did manage to pick up a couple of Penguins ‘Little Black Classics’ and so now I am going to go read some Sappho, Wilde and Dante. Because Nerdy/Pretentious Queer is the atheistic I strive to have.

Over and out. Xx.


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