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Getting Back to the Fit and Healthy…

Its been four months since I left Edinburgh and moved back home, having packed in my postgraduate research and left the stress and strain of a job I didn’t want or enjoy behind me. The six months I was in Edinburgh I suffered a lot from anxiety and a bit of depression too, and because of this I ended up putting on 2 stone in weight. I was just under 11 stone when I arrived, and 13 stone when I left. For some that was a huge shock, for me, I’ll be honest, it could have been worse. Obviously if I wanted to be more comfortable – and fit back into my clothes – I had to (n.e. wanted to) make improvements.

Now I’m back home and my parents cook most nights, because they’re both on random diets they always cook healthy meals, though being parents portion sizes can sometimes be on the larger size to what i’m used to serving up! In addition, because of their diets there are few snack foods in the house, no midnight snacks I can indulge in, and they would certainly notice if I started drinking bottles of wine on the weekend.
When they don’t cook I end up making something quick, chicken nachos/stuffed chicken breast/spag bol. The point is, my meals now are a lot more healthier, AND, I have only ordered a take-away ONCE in the months I’ve been home (and that was for Fathers Day so I’m allowed that one). Whereas in Ed I’d been ordering something every few weeks. So major improvement in the food area.

One issue with living at home and being now jobless is lack of exercise. I wasn’t having to walk across the city to grab a bus to go to work, nor having to walk up that great big hill to get to my office. I no-longer lived in a city and was too far from town to just go out for a couple of hours of wandering the streets. But we do have a dog, and a dog needs walking. Turns out my parents would much rather have a lay-in before walk than go out for a nice hour-long walk in the morning, and thus the dog duties fell to me. Horrah! Not to brag but I have always been one of my dogs favourites, perhaps after my mum because she fed and walked her. But no, no longer do I get second place, now I very much get first place and a lot of love from my lovely doggie. Every morning we go on an hour long walk around the woods and fields where I live and not only has this actually got some fresh air in my lungs and got me moving (~6,300 steps if you’re interested), but thanks to this lovely sunny summer weather we’ve been having I’m also sporting a rather nice tan!

In addition to the walking, we are also very lucky in that we have a cross-trainer in the garage/gym, from a mid-life crisis my parents had a few years back. I hate exercising in front of other people so being able to use some gym equipment from the comfort of my own garage is so helpful. So far I’ve been quite good at sticking to 35 minutes of running every day (except for when I was ill, and when we had that heat wave – so should probably get a fan or something for that), and hopefully am looking to extend that time as my stamina improves.

When in the gym I queue up videos from YouTube of American late night shows such as Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and Late Night with Seth Meyers. These videos are often only each ten minutes long, and so it helps me concentrate on something but by the time I feel my attention waning, the next video is starting. It’s also really helpful because the subject matter they talk about is usually T*ump and there’s nothing like a reminder of the impending apocalypse to encourage you to get fit.

Honestly I’m very proud of myself for my achievements, I no longer view gym time as a chore but rather an aspect of the day I actually like doing. And after sticking with my gym routine for roughly 3 months now I’ve lost a stone in weight. So whilst I’ve still got some improvements to make and a lot of work to do in other regards e.g. mental health, I’m pretty stoked about how this is all going! 🙂

Over & out.


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