Hi and welcome to followingathena. This is my personal blog that I use purely for my own entertainment in which I write about my life, books i’ve read, new things i’ve learnt and anything else in-between.

My name is not Athena, it is Jamie (not so glamorous i’m afraid), my blog is named after my favourite of the mythological deities; the greek goddess Athena. Who is said to be the goddess of (among several other things) wisdom, knowledge and intelligence.

I started this blog, with the intentions of improving my writing skills, having somewhere to freely express myself and because notebooks are becoming expensive.

A little bit about myself: I am a twenty-something female graduate living in England, during my free time I mostly read books, swing dance and attempt to embroider. Articulation is something I struggle with, as you may come to notice, which is something i’m hoping keeping this blog will help with.

Please feel free to email me at followingathenablog@gmail.com if you have an questions, comments or friendly chat 🙂


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