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Book Review: Queers Destroy Horror! – Nightmare Magazine

My worst habit at the moment is spending ages looking for new literature to read, buying it, and then never looking at it. And recently i've been searching for some good queer literature to read. I came across this special edition of Nightmare magazine whilst bored last night and ended up searching through the 'queer'… Continue reading Book Review: Queers Destroy Horror! – Nightmare Magazine

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Netflix Book Tag

I love doing these tag challenges, its a great form of procrastination, so when I saw this 'Netflix Book Tag' over on ThriceRead's blog I thought I'd do a post too. RECENTLY WATCHED. THE LAST BOOK YOU FINISHED READING: The Raven by I.A.Ashcroft. (Of which I reviewed over here.). Its pretty much standard in terms… Continue reading Netflix Book Tag